1.       Confirm your reservation dates and number of nights.

2.       To learn more about the facility please select "More" under the facility description

2.       Click "Register Online" to continue with the reservation process

4.       To modify your request, enter your new search criteria in the "Category," "Filter by," "Date," and "Duration" fields.


Please note: Pay special attention to the facility description title. The cost of the reservation is for that specific time frame; not necessarily for an entire day.


Reservation fees are based on the Group Type (GSNCCP member troop/service unit) and may be modified if the group does not meet the criteria for the chosen Group Type.


If reserving overnight accommodations, separate housing must be provided to male chaperones. If male chaperones are attending with the group, then you must reserve the entire unit. It is not mandatory that an adult sleep in the sleeping area (tent, cabin, or designated area) with the girls. If an adult female does share the sleeping area, there should always be two unrelated adult females present.

April 2014
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